10 o’clock list: 5 Ways to Fight the Cold

Oh the weather outside is weather...

Oh the weather outside is weather… (via moots.com)

It is going to be cold this week, so you had better prepare. With temperatures sinking to 13 degrees by Tuesday, walking to class will go from being “whimsical and fun”  to being a “dog –eat-dog world of survival.” At home when the weather gets cold, I buy an extra box of cereal and maybe light a fire in the fireplace. At school, I have no such luxuries, (unless you want to buy me a box of Chex mix from the market) and must trudge to class, regardless. Here is a list of ways that we can all stay warm during the long journey to class.

  1. Take Five – …shots. Take five shots. If this idea catches on, it’ll be Kenyon’s premier way to get to class without realizing that it’s only four degrees outside.
  2. Embrace Peirce – You’ve got everything in Peirce; comfy couches, food, study spaces, and stained glass windows. Who could ask for anything more? I see no reason why you should leave Peirce and walk out into the cold after your first meal of the morning.
  3. Long underwear – “Short underwear” just isn’t going to cover it in this weather.
  4. Huddle for warmth – In times like these, we need to help each other out. Find friends or make some, meet a new friend who came back from abroad if you need to. Huddle together, and get to class without freezing.
  5.  Streak – What’s the best motivation for you to get your blood flowing and run somewhere quickly? Nudity. And a dash (ha, get it?) of embarrassment. Maybe put on some sneakers for traction.

2 responses

  1. “Short underwear” just isn’t going to cover it in this weather.
    it literally won’t cover it get it har har har har har

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