Accepted Students Week: Why You Should Come Here

richard simmons 0812



 If there’s one word that sums up Kenyon’s admissions mantra it’s “quirky”. However, imma have to call bullshit here and try to forgive admissions for consulting the linguistic bubble of I Love Lucy. So here’s the booty-cheddar: what makes Kenyon so great is not that there’s a bunch of “quirky” people running around, it’s that there’s a bunch of “quirky” people running around with a “you do you” attitude.

For example:

Maybe certain quantities of PBR make you want to belt out God Bless America while crossing campus to find a party. No big deal.

Or maybe you just really like to dance like you’re literally raising the 80s jazzercise movement from its grave. Real talk.

Perhaps you brought coconut shells to school with the sole intention of following unsuspecting drunk people Monty Python-style. Whatever floats your boat, bro.

What if you wanted to channel your inner NASCAR with a tricycle race up and down Middle Path? See you bitches Saturday morning.

At the end of the day, it’s not that you saw somebody walking up Middle Path with a cape on or somebody spinning wool for the daily knit before class. It’s that you didn’t care—and that’s what makes Kenyon one kickin’ campus.

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