More Details on Today’s Power Outage


This post was written and photographed by Henri Gendreau ’16. 

A downed power line on Scott Lane shut down the electricity in Gambier earlier this afternoon. Power has since been restored to most of campus, although restoration is expected to take longer in the vicinity of Palme House, which was evacuated by Campus Safety.

A fallen tree was the cause of the downed line, which fell just west of Ward Street. It took down a station breaker, which feeds electricity to the College and surrounding area.


Assistant Director of Admissions Lee Schott said the power was blinking off and on, which was followed by a loud boom, around midday.

“I thought my dryer had exploded,” said Schott, who lives in nearby Parish House.

Three trucks from electric power company AEP Ohio were at the scene, as well as representatives from the College Township Fire Department and Campus Safety.
Several downtown businesses are temporarily closed and without power.

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