KAC Yoga, in Review

This is totally me.

This is totally me.

Namaste all you yogis and non-yogis out there. I am now going to take you all on a journey, or really a review of a journey, on which I recently embarked. Just yesterday I decided it would be spiritually calming and physically advantageous for me to attend one of the many yoga classes offered at the KAC. Without any preparation or research, I grabbed a friend who was as inflexible and as unfamiliar with KAC life as myself and we headed down to begin our yoga experience. 

We entered to find our yoga teacher casually balancing on her head. She maintained this position while everyone got their yoga mats and other assorted yoga goods and positioned themselves in the room. Head stands are not as easy as they look, my friends. Just ask the bump on my head and the embarrassment in my heart.

Obviously, I positioned myself and my mat behind a large pillar in the room so that I could shielded from the gaze of others. We started in child’s pose, probably the only yoga pose that comes naturally to my body. Years spent sitting in the dark, watching sad movies, and crying in the fetal position finally came in handy. After child’s pose it was a kind of slippery slope into darkness.

To be completely honest I repressed a lot of what came after, mostly because my body went into a kind of traumatized state. Did you know that it is possible to balance the weight of your whole body on your elbows while you perch in some kind of bird-like position? I certainly didn’t. Did you know that people can bend down and actually touch the ground with their palms? My legs and hamstrings were certainly surprised.

The class ended with something called pigeon pose, which trust me I have never seen any pigeon do anywhere, ever. With the experience over, smoothie in hand, I ran (stumbled awkwardly, constantly remarking on how sore I already was) over to Peirce. Relaying the work-out experience to my friends they all laughed. What I had assumed was a beginning yoga class was of course actually an intermediate level class designed for people with extensive yoga experience. Joke is on me. My legs still haven’t forgiven me.

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  1. Stick with yoga and you will be able to do things you never thought your body could do. You will become strong. Really! But, yeah, maybe start with the beginners class… Namaste.

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