Homecoming Is Today!

Check out Kenyon Football at 1 p.m. today (via kenyon.edu)

Yes, First Years, there’s still homecoming in college. What’s that? You don’t have a date or a dress yet!? Well hurry up and get one! Just kidding, there’s no big formal where you awkwardly try to slow dance with your date without stepping on their toes, but there are plenty of activities to attend. Check it out after the jump!The baseball and lacrosse teams will be hosting a tailgate from 12-3 at McBride field, so head on down for some free food, and while you’re at it, ride the mechanical bull to show off all your sweet rodeo skills. The football team has its first home game of the year against Ohio Wesleyan, and women’s soccer is home against Case Western Reserve (both at 1:00), so take some time to show your support.

There will be plenty of alumni on campus this weekend as well. The Alumni Council is holding meetings, Hall of Fame Inductees will be here, and Theta Delta Phi will be celebrating 25 years as a sorority at Kenyon. Be nice to the alumni, you’ll be one someday soon.

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