October at Kenyon is the Best

September ended a few days ago, so it’s time to wake me up and get on with the best month of the year: October.

The leaves are starting to turn.Autumn-1

It’s perfect weather for a hike or bonfire at the BFEC! Just make sure you drag a friend who likes you enough to walk back up the hill.

Gilmore Girls-1

And October Break is a great time to take a drive through the beautiful Ohio countryside.


Take some time off to get apple cider from the Deli and curl up with a good book.

Silver Linings

Or maybe skip the book and curl up with that cutie you’ve had your eye on.
Harry Potter-9

The government may be shut down…


And midterms may be coming…


But Parents’ weekend is soon!

Lion King-1 Lion King-2

And there’s so much tomfoolery to be had this month…


Like Deb Ball…Spongebob

Or Halloween!


October is the best month of the year, but it’s up to you to make the most of it.

Willy Wonka-1

Be studious…


Or spooky…


Or just crazy!


Just remember to have a good time while you do it!


Happy October…

Love, The Thrill.

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  1. Why must this become buzzfeed? Why must gifs and images take over the internet? Can we not read? Can we not read?

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