10 o’clock List: Places I Fell Asleep Today

Can this wait? I'm napping here.

Can this wait? I’m napping here.

Was it just me who sensed a generally sleepy feeling today? Yay? Nay? Anyways. The premise of this post assumes that the general audience was as dozy as its writer. Perhaps it was the post reading days-haze settling upon us. Or maybe the gray, overcast skzzzZZzzzzzzZ…

  1. My 9:40 history class: My sincerest apologies to my professor. It was just one of those days: if I just shut my eyes for five seconds…four…three…
  2. At the deli: My steaming cup of mulled apple cider was quite a lulling somniac. And no, I didn’t make that word up. It’s on Urban Dictionary and everything.
  3. In Ascension: Damn those couches. Luckily, I woke up just before my professor strolled by. She promised to throw an apple at me if she caught me sleeping in class. Lovely woman!
  4. In Peirce. The sleeping-dust-wielding magic fairies came again (Sleeping Beauty reference, obviously).
  5. Isolation booth at WiggleGround: I’m just thankful no one threw coffee on me.
  6. Bed: I LOVE YOU BED. Alas, there will be no (more) rest for the weary. There are things to be done! I’ve got midterms tomorrow! And the parents are coming! ZZzz.

2 responses

  1. this post opened me up to a world where disney movies are available for free on youtube… or wait is it just sleeping beauty and brother bear 2?
    my hopes raised and dashed in the very same link

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