Sh*t My Parents Said: Parents Weekend Edition

Parents Weekend has come and gone. If you’re still reeling about what your parents have said to you in passing, feel free to join The Thrill and relive those biting sentiments of love and sarcasm.

Evening Plans:

Senior ’14: Mom, how about we go to the Cove? Shots on you?

  • Mom: I think you’ve drunk enough at the Cove for the both of us…

On a Tour of Kenyon:

Senior ’14: To the left of Middle Path is Gund Gallery…

  • Mom: Oh…you mean, the building with sticks on it?

At the KI: 

Dad: This is a nice restaurant…wearing a sweatshirt seriously?

  • Sophomore Boy walks in with a Blazer
  • Dad: RIGHT ON!

In Division, during a Drinking Game: 

Mom: “How do you play this Flip The Cup Game?”

On Finding a Suitable Bathroom on Campus: 

Dad: “Wow…this bathroom actually smells better than your dorm room.”

4 responses

  1. Well, maintenance workers cleans the average bathroom more often than the average student cleans their dorm room.

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