10 o’clock list: Ways to Prepare for a Power Outage

How blackouts really happen (via blogspot.com)

Like most students here, when I first hear the news of the storms that hit us tonight, I immediately thought of the possibility of a power outage. It happens every now and then on this hilltop, and it can be the greatest or worst of times here. And even though the power didn’t go out during this storm, there is still a decent chance of it happening some time throughout the year. So, to help you prepare, I’ve compiled a list of tips to prepare for a black out:

  1. Charge everything. Sure, when the power goes out, you won’t be able to do your homework anymore. But you don’t want to be completely bored. Make sure your phone is charged so you can get a few hours of Candy Crush in while you celebrate complain about the fact that you can “no longer write that Biology Lab Report.” 
  2. Stock up on the necessities. Hit up the Market for cups and mixers. Anything that is in your fridge will need to be consumed. If your fridge is empty, buy some drinks from the Market, you never know when the heat will come back on. Also get some food. Mostly just for personal enjoyment, but during last year’s outage, I did hear someone shout “shotty not starving” while walking down Middle Path.
  3. Write down some emergency contact numbers just in case:
    • Campus Safety: 740-427-5000 (5555 in emergencies)
    • The Cove: 740-427-2200
    • Dad’s Taxi: 740-485-9519
    • Papa John’s: 740-397-6644.
    • It’s in your best interest to write these all down. Trust me.
  4. Get glowsticks, not candles. Even though there’s no power, don’t use candles; we could still burn this whole place down, right? Plus glowsticks are more fun. Just don’t break them open. They stain everything, I speak from experience.
  5. If you really need to get work done, go to the Gund Gallery. I don’t know how, but last year when Gambier had a power outage, Gund Gallery remained lit up at least the majority of the night. So if you’re in a pinch, that’s your safest bet.

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