Printing Tips, or “How to Make Your Life Easier”


As our weeks of hard work slowly draw to a close and we try to print those final projects, it is important to remember that assault and destruction of private property are crimes. In the interest of keeping Kenyon students on the right side of the law, let me offer a few unofficial Helpline tips on printing at Kenyon to make your life a little bit easier and your mental breakdowns fewer over the next few weeks.

At Kenyon we are blessed with free printing, but sometimes this blessing turns into a curse when we or our fellow students (but definitely mostly other people) attempt to print enough copies of our papers for the entire campus. In the interest of saving time, and trees, let me teach you how to cancel a print job in case you find yourself facing down an angry mob whose papers are all stuck behind the thirty copies you printed because you couldn’t get it to print the first time.

1. Select System Monitor in the lower right hand corner of the printer’s screen, the screen should change


2. Hit Print in the center at the bottom of the screen


3. You should now see a page showing all the jobs in the printer queue. Select all the jobs that have your name on them by simply tapping each one once


4. Lastly hit the Cancel button, and voila, your jobs have been cleared.


Note: This information is not to be used for nefarious purposes such as canceling the print jobs of everyone ahead of you so you can print faster.

Every Kenyon printer should print in color. On a Mac for a webpage, click on Open PDF in Preview at the bottom of the print page and your picture will print in color. For a Word document select the drop down option Quality on the print page and make sure Color Mode is set to Color.

Printer paper is pretty easy to refill, but if Helpline is on duty please request that one of them do it, there are enough printer issues without a paper jam caused by improper paper loading by some panicked and sleep-deprived student.


Hope these help! And remember, before smashing the printer or your laptop, call Helpline at x5700.

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  1. Addendum: The trays on the actual body of the Gund Commons printers are for secondary paper types. The paper you most likely want is on the crazy side expansion thing; it opens when you press the button on top of it.

  2. This doesn’t work for the printers in Sam Mather. I refilled the printer with paper because some lazy students couldn’t do it before, and I’ve literally just watched an entire stack of paper print ()!@4#@_#$*()!!!!!!!!

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