Predicting the First Years’ Winter Break Transformation

Toca Boca Hair Salon 2,  a favorite game.

We’ve already covered the Thanksgiving break transformation, but now final week is coming to an end and the winter break metamorphosis is inching ever closer. To recap, by this point the first years know what kind of glasses Kenyon students wear, have figured out which backpacks are hip to carry and have dumped their high school significant others for senior, ahem, greener pastures. First years may be romantic fair game, but they haven’t quite gotten the chance to go shopping for the clothing they now know will catapult them to social success. Going home for three weeks will change this. A cool curly hair salon is hard to come by in Gambier!

I have willed our Former Glorious Leader and Blog Founder to assist me in predicting what our darling little butterflies will look like after three weeks home  with endless hours in which to refine their personal style and wallow in self doubt. Make believe before and after pics below the jump.

The first transformation is the most difficult to acquire. First years have studied the Kenyon Sartorialist for days to properly learn how to achieve the perfect look Kenyon layer look. But alas, their current closets lack in supplies! Post-Christmas sales will allow them to stock up on button downs and sweaters to wear together at the same time.

plain and layer

Before and after break.

The second transformation is a little easier, all the first years will do this break is head to the Army and Navy store to buy a $3 wool cap. This small purchase will increase their feelings of sophomoric superiority 300%

plain and beanie

Before and after break.

The third transformation is the hardest to pull-off, but when done well is the most successful. High level first years will achieve the perfect cool and edgy hair cut while languishing in their home towns. Middle level first  years will come back with faux hawks (is there a non-culturally appropriative word for this?) and low level first years will wait until spring break to get their locks sheared.

plain and haircut

Before and after break.

Sorry to ruin the surprise, everyone. Good luck with the rest of finals!

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  1. I came back after Winter Break my freshman year with a blonde bob after having long brown hair… I had no idea I was a transformation #cliche

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