Weekend Playlist: Gender Transcenders

With Deb Ball coming up this weekend, plenty of guys and girls get to enjoy some good, old-fashioned gender bending. In keeping with the theme, this weekend’s playlist is entirely made up of covers that bridge the sexes:

Björk and PJ Harvey – Satisfaction (Originally by the Rolling Stones)

What makes this version great is Björk simultaneously flaunting her impressive vocal chops while also not really seeming to know the words, or what the song is even about.

The White Stripes – Jolene (Originally by Dolly Parton)

It’s not exactly crossing genders for Meg White, but the band is mostly Jack’s as he thunders out this take on Dolly’s classic.

The Beatles – Till There Was You (Originally Sung by Shirley Jones in The Music Man)

One of the prettiest Beatles songs sounds like a show tune mostly because it is.

Franz Ferdinand – Call Me (Originally Blondie)

This live recording was released on a charity album called War Child – Heroes Vol. 1, which was sold to benefit children in war-stricken areas.

Jenny Owens Young – Hot in Herre (Originally by Nelly)

Aside from J.O.Y. putting a very creative spin on this club jam, the music video is great.

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