Peirce Date Revisited

(by Charlotte Greene, via Facebook)

Following up on our wildly successful feature, Peirce Dates, we are starting something new called “Peirce Date Revisited”. It’s exactly what it sounds like: we meet up with two people who went on a Peirce date and get them to tell us how their relationship has evolved since we first set them up. First up, we have Janie Simonton ’15 and Khalil Chatman ’16.

1. How has the relationship been since the first date?

Janie: We’ve had our fair share of ups and downs, but my life is better for having met the love of my life that fateful day in Peirce.
Khalil: Awesome! And by that, I mean I’m pretty sure she thinks I’m a crazy person and I am entirely unclear how she really feels about me. But that’s okay; keeps me on my toes.

2. Where do you see this relationship going?
Janie: Ideally, I never see it ending. We’ve already started saving for our timeshare.
Khalil: Depends. If she can excuse the fact that I’m a 20 year old Harry Potter fanatic, we’ve got a shot at making this work long term. I’m more Ravenclaw, her more Hufflepuff, but I can look past that.
3. Who loves each other more?
Janie: I’d like to believe it’s mutual; we’re both hopelessly in love.
Khalil: We both love each other the same…although she does hang the phone up first at night…oh god…does she even love me at all?
4. Is Peirce still the go-to date spot for you two?
Janie: Overwhelmingly. All seminal moments in our relationship have happened within a 200-foot radius of the servery. I’m just waiting for the day I find a diamond ring in my soft serve during Extendo.
Khalil: Nah, we like to mix it up.
5. What’s your favorite part of the relationship now?
Janie: All of our extended, heartfelt conversations about our dreams and hopes for the future. Really, I could not be more #blessed.
Khalil: It’s spontaneous. Like the dissociation of a strong acid in water at standard temperature and pressure.
6. For real, how often do you all see each other? Do you say hello? Is it awkward? Do you whisper to your friends “I went on a Peirce Date with them”?

Janie: In all seriousness, we have interacted — to the best of my memory — a grand total of two times since the Peirce Date. One was Sendoff Saturday, and one was in the basement of Old Kenyon. Both times have involved him approaching me and saying, “Heeyyyyyy, this might be weird, but didn’t we go on a Peirce Date?”

Khalil: I’ve seen her twice and I almost always try to make it as awkward as possible; and yes, I always lead with “DIDN’T WE GO ON A PEIRCE DATE???? *enthusiastic high five offer that is sometimes accepted, sometimes rejected*” See #1…she definitely thinks I’m looney toons. I don’t blame her though.
In closing, #jalil2014.

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