“Gambier Ink”: Tattoos Around Campus, Part IV

rosie tattoo

Rosie Ouellet ’15

It’s my first tattoo. I got it last May … One day I was really really bored in class so I started doodling on myself … and happened to be able to draw a turtle in one stroke, and I thought that was cool, and then added meaning on it, like it’s to protect myself, like a turtle shell, and it’s just really cute … I kept drawing it on myself from October to May to make sure that I wanted it, so when I actually got it people didn’t notice.

audrey snitch

Audrey Davis ’15

It’s of a snitch from Harry Potter. I…always liked the idea of having a tattoo because I like the idea of taking something that you already feel like is a part of you and making it physically a part of you. I always told people that I wanted a Harry Potter tattoo because I love Harry Potter and I feel like it’s been a really big part of, definitely my adolescence, and even right now … Everybody whenever I’d bring this up would be like, “Oh no, you won’t do it,” so I was like, “Ok, watch me.”

…I liked the thought that if I got a white in tattoo it could kind of be hidden in plain sight and that’s sort of like how in the last Harry Potter book the Resurrection Stone is hidden in plain sight inside the snitch and also it’s nice from a design perspective.


Ian Edwards ’17

This one (right arm) is a neo-Druid symbol for creative inspiration and the flow of the spirit and the three lines also represent the three different … aspects of a person, so the masculine energy side, the feminine side, and then a combination of the two to form life.

This one, the circle and the moon is a symbol for the horned god, which is a Celtic god of nature and energy and vitality, and then the five-pointed star is just a symbol of protection, like, power, in a lot of different cultures.

…the one on my back is a six-pointed star and it’s a symbol for the Hebrew people … I believe that everyone is in some way, shape, or form descended from the Hebrew people because I was raised believing that Abraham, who was the first leader of mankind, was Hebrew, so [then] then first real civilization was Hebrew, which means all people … are Hebrew.

I got my first one [on my back] … literally on my 16th birthday.

melissa tattoo

Melissa Mooradian ’15

I got it … over October break in Columbus. I got it because of summer camp, which sounds super cheesy, but one of the girls I worked with this summer and I were both campers together and [now] we’re counselors this summer … our [camp] logo … is a mountain range and so this is kind of a play on that. We did interlocking triangles [to mean] we were campers and then counselors and so it’s … a transition of that experience and everything camp has meant to us.

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