10 o’clock List: Holiday Gif Guide 2014

Here at The Thrill, we’re like your spare Grandma. You know–we kind of smell like pauperie, we make you feel uncomfortable in the most endearing way possible, and we add jello to foods that jello doesn’t go with–all while metaphorically pinching your cheeks. Since we won’t be with you over the holidays, here’s a little present from us to you: The Holiday GIF Guide, in which we catalog all of your worst holiday moments…before they even happen. Now give us a kiss, sweet-cheeks!

1. Evading questions from family members about that new tattoo you’re hiding:


2. When a cousin who is your age gets engaged on Christmas day:

3. Saying goodbye to your hookup before break.

In your mind:

In reality: 

4. Coming to the realization that you haven’t finished buying gifts:

5. Ugly sweat-er party? No problem. 

6. That one uncle:

7. When you take all of your illicit substances to get rid of them before break:

8. When some distant relative hands you their baby: 

9. Going through your high school contacts, trying to pull together a New Year’s Party:

hate grinch gif

10. Realizing that February comes next:


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