10 o’clock list: How to Deal With Your Professor After Skipping Their Class


Okay, nerds, classes suck sometimes. No, seriously- classes really suck sometimes; whether it’s your QR, something you thought you’d like but you actually hate, or just something you just got stuck with- going to class can be super difficult around this time of the semester. I know this because I, too, skip classes* and dealing with my professors afterwards can be kind of awkward. Here are a few ways you can avoid being a literal human trash can after cutting class.

  1. E-mail Them. “Yeah, yeah, yeah, thanks, Julia. You’re literally garbage and this is dumb and obvious, also The Thrill sucks.” Okay, I get it, thanks. Sample e-mails include, “Sorry, I was crying in the shower,” and “There was a cat on my lap, I promise I tried.”
  2. Stop going to class. Who cares? You don’t have to deal with your professor if you never see them again. I’ve given up, and so can you!
  3. Do not skip classes that have an AT. Your AT will see you eating that bagel in Peirce and they will casually mention that they saw you ten minutes before class (and they’ll also mention that maybe 3 bagels for breakfast is too much and they’re concerned?). Classes with two instructors, even when one of them is a student, makes it so much harder to avoid eye contact with all the people you’ve disappointed this year.
  4. Accuse them of skipping your class. Confront them about how they never showed up to Wiggle Ground for your class yesterday. The focus was apathy and the perfect latte-to-syrup ratio. Attendance was mandatory and you’re very disappointed in them.
  5. Grow up. Skipping class is a reality and everybody does it and every professor stops caring two days later. Get to the next class on time, sit down, and forget about it. Odds are, they have too.

*Super dooper kidding, ma n’ pa! I go to every class, even my Friday AT, because classes are great and I don’t cry in the library a lot!!

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