Silly First-Years, Theme Housing Isn’t For Kids

Say goodbye to your white picket-fence dreams for a year or two. (via

As if the Housing Lottery wasn’t tough enough for first-year students, it seems like Theme Housing won’t be a way to sneak into an apartment this year. In years prior, rising sophomores have filled NCAs and Aclands under the pretense of Theme Housing, but this seems to be a thing of the past. This year’s Theme Housing application–emailed to campus from the Office of Housing and Residential Life–seems to be trying to undo this loophole.

Assignments will be made based upon the group’s needs and will be comparable to housing that members of the applicant group would be able to select during the regular Housing Lottery process.

So sorry first-years! Time to battle the Housing Lottery, or at least cozy up to an upperclassman with some sway. [Ed. Or just suck it up in a Manning double. You can get an NCA your Senior year like the rest of us.]

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