Seniors Reminisce: Most Missed Outdoor Sitting Spots


This just doesn’t look very comfy. via

Reminiscences are hard after Spring Break, the whole ‘Kenyon Experience’ starts to feel like a blobby mush, and it becomes very hard to pick apart the memories. This is why people keep journals. Recently, it’s been a real fight for the group of adirondacks outside of Rosse Hall and the ones outside of Gund Gallery; people eye them as they leave their classes, ready to squelch any turd who gets in their way. I swear this is not just me. As someone who has always hated Competitive Outdoor Chair-Hunting, I’ve been thinking a lot about this: I think it might be a conspiracy related to global warming and ‘they’ are slowly trying to move us indoors more permanently. But that’s not really relevant. Here are some of the most missed outdoor sitting spots:

The Swing Bench Outside Edelstein House – The only spot on campus where I truly felt like I could be on the cover a Kenyon Admissions catalogue.

The Tables in the McBride/Mather Breezeways (aka the Keeping it Classy Spot) – To be honest, I never spent much time here, but I vaguely remember a lot of pizza. Where do first-years now learn to do all the naughty things they can’t do in their dorm rooms? I don’t know. In the breezeway without the table? Also, sometimes I get tired on my walk home. I like sitting down. Sitting down’s really comfortable.

The Tire Swing – Such fond memories of such weird moments. Some very crucial weird moments.

The Chairs Outside Wiggin St. – I’ve heard they’re being painted, but for now it’s just that romantic two-seater that leans super far back. So far back your drink usually falls. Yeah, the two-seater’s a good spot to trick your crush into flirting with you because there is literally nowhere else to sit and you have to stare at the sky. But I think it’s time for us to all sit alone for a little while.

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