10 o’clock List: What your Peirce Drink says about you


At Peirce, your character can often be characterized by the drink you drink the most. Getting hydrated is something that always will go along with your meal no matter what time of day. However, are you adventurous? Are you shy? What does your drink of choice really say about you?

1. Mountain Dew– You’ve probably considered sky-diving at some point in your life and Spongebob is still your favorite show. However, while you like to act tough on the outside with your lacrosse stick in hand, on the inside you still miss the days your mom got you Slurpees.

2. Lemonade– You don’t actually like lemonade but you are in a rush and don’t really feel like swinging by the Market tonight to get mixers to go along with your new handle of vodka. You have an all-can-do attitude and definitely won’t feel embarrassed because there is a long line behind you waiting for you to fill a third cup of lemonade.

3. Acai Water– You have a salad and quinoa and you like to pretend you are so above water because obviously Acai water has so many more antioxidants.

4. Everything– You mix every soda because you never made it past the fifth grade. Secretly, you know everyone else wants to be you.

5. Water– You’re just like everyone else. You probably love John Green, think the rest of the world is so beneath you, and you aspire to be an English major but are enjoying you second semester Sophomore “undeclared” status for the time being.

2 responses

  1. Inaccurate. As someone who once aspired to be an English major, enjoyed my second semester Sophomore “undeclared” status for the then time being, and thinks everyone is beneath me, I am offended that you assume that I like John Green. John Green sucks. He’s a fucking hack, and I want to punch his face. He is partly the reason why so many lame people attend/are attracted to this school.

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