The Owl Creeks Really Sucked Friday Night


Okay, buckle up guys. I know it’s customary on this blog when we “review” things to just shit out some vague compliments, but not today. I am so confused.

Let’s start at the beginning. This weekend was an aca-SPLOSION so I get that things were a little hectic, but when I walked up the steps of Rosse Friday night, there was a GIGANTIC Take Five banner. Wrong sign, idiots. Couldn’t even give us the curtesy of some basic planning. That could have really thrown some people off.

None of my friends texted me back so I ended up sitting in a row alone, which actually made it better for hearing so it wasn’t a big deal at all. And when I saw them after the show sitting a few rows in front of me nobody got upset or felt rejected.

Well, actually, I did, but not because of that. I felt personally attacked by the absolutely abysmal performance by the Owl Creeks that I paid good money to see to a guy at the door. First thing’s first, they accept guys now? Not just any guys, like, big ones. Big honking men who couldn’t sing Sia even if they tried. And they didn’t try! Nobody sang any Sia! Or any pop at all, in fact. It was all these old songs I’d never even fucking heard of before. It’s like they’ve been talking to my grandma or something, which doesn’t make any sense because she hasn’t called me back in weeks.

I did appreciate the joke at the beginning when they called themselves “Take Five,” perhaps referring to the giant fuck-up with the sign out front, but after eight songs I thought they were taking the joke a little far. Was I being punked? I looked around for a camera and saw one in the middle of the damn room. They weren’t even trying to hide it, and it wasn’t even facing me. Good one, assholes.

Overall, a piss poor effort provided by Kenyon’s premier all-female a cappella group. I didn’t even see a single one of them on stage.

Take Five was so good last night though!

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  1. [This comment has been moderated for violating our comment policy, as it is a personal attack against a member of the Kenyon community.]

  2. You will probably have a promising career after Kenyon! About 98% of my Facebook feed is clickbait titles that lead to contentless articles. The Thrill has mastered this art. In its first year, this blog was so funny, interesting, and helpful for Kenyon College students. I even recommended my parents read it due to its high quality, and dreamed that I would be able to enjoy it as an alumnus. But in its second year, the quality quickly declined to… well, the level of the rest of the Internet and now it’s just… this. The only content in this article (the last sentence) is shorter than the title. This is not a review. I’m not a “hater,” I bear no ill will towards the author personally, I just wish, for the love of Shakespeare, that she and the rest of this blog would shape up and set an example for what campus journalism should be instead of emulating the worst things about the current state of online journalism. You all got into Kenyon, so I assume that you are all good writers. Please show it and make this blog what it used to be so I can vicariously re-attend my alma mater. Or don’t and make me happy that I graduated. Either way. And good luck with your applications to Upworthy, Diply, and Buzzfeed! I hope you generate many partial cents in ad revenue.

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