South Quad Rocks and You’ll Never Guess Why

Oh hell yeah (via

Oh hell yeah (via

Ah, South Quad – the secluded oasis just beyond the academic wasteland of Kenyon’s campus. Home to most of Kenyon’s Greek organizations and a few of the most frequent party spots, South Quad is what some might call “The Most Happening Place on Campus.” North kids consistently lament that their NCAs, however much fun it might be to live with your best friends in the whole wide world under the same roof, are seriously lacking in the Cool Shit department where the South Quad otherwise thrives.

Now, I’ve lived north my entire Kenyon career. It took me a while to realize all that South Quad could do for me, and people like me. Here are a few facts about South Quad that will definitively prove that SQ is TBTB (the place to be).

  1. The Betas are dartying literally every day. Rain or shine, those guys sure do love to lounge and drink in the Adirondacks. You can tell they’ve been enjoying the sweet soiree otherwise known as the darty by the discarded beer cans, disregarded homework, and nearly-caking vomit on the south side of Leonard Hall. Trust me, it’s dope and not disruptive at all.
  2. The trees on South Quad were planted more than five years ago. There’s nothing more embarrassing than walking down the new sections of Middle Path or taking a saunter through the NCAs and realizing that the trees look freakin’ weak because the school had to plant young trees because adult trees have too many roots to be successfully planted past a certain point in their lives. Fuck that.
  3. The KAC is super close by. If you’ve ever wondered why everyone who lives on South Quad is Objectively Beautiful, it’s because the KAC is only a few minutes down the hill. Everyone who lives north who doesn’t have an incredible sense of motivation to work out is outta luck, because the KAC is at least a 20 minute walk away. Good luck ever finding the time to work out with those bumpers on either side of your trip.
  4. Old K has burned down and that’s pretty sick. Yeah, you heard me. That building went up in flames and the administration decided it was cool enough to try and rebuild the exact same way it was before. I’m sure the same couldn’t be said for any building north (and not because no building north has burned down).

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