RUSH THE THRILL! (Schedule of Events)

i spent all week making this poster. I haven't slept. My family doesn't even know if I'm alive

i spent all week making this poster. I haven’t slept. My family doesn’t even know if I’m alive

So we know what you’re going to say–“ugh the thrill is so lame, rush is so LAST week.” But little do you know this was a strategic move on our part. We knew we’d never get any attention during rush week. The fact is, we’re just not as cool as the fraternities and sororities and we have no where near as much Keystone Light to offer you. But now, Greek Rush is over, and you have no choice but to pay attention to us. So listen up!

We’ve compiled a schedule of interesting and fun events to do for rushing. You must attend every single event if you want to be considered for our exclusive society. But don’t worry about that! It’s all about having fun! What better way is there to have fun than with us, The Kenyon Thrill.


Monday, January 30th @ 5 p.m. in Peirce Pub: Hard Boiled Egg Meet and Eat! 

Meet all the members of the thrill while stuffing your mouth hole with delicious hard boiled eggs we blatantly stole from Peirce. It is required that you name your egg, draw a face on it, and introduce it to everyone. At the end, once you and your egg have bonded, you will eat it without mercy to show you’re willing to do anything. This is a test.

Everyone is welcome, please bring friends! 

Tuesday, January 31st @ 10 p.m. on the Gap Trail: Late Night Blindfolded Nature Hike 

We will blindfold you and  drop you at a random point on the Gap Trail. You will be blindfolded the entire time and have to find your way back by playing Marco Polo with us. If you are unable to find your way back we reserve the right to leave you behind. This is a great way to get to intimately know the sound of our voices, which is what brings us all closer together! (hopefully literally in your case)

Open Invitation! Only those who find their way back to campus will be invited to further events! 


Wednesday February 1st @ 7:30 a.m. in the basement of Caples Residence Hall: “Is this mud or chocolate?”

Come enjoy a fun taste test with the members of the Thrill, we’ll give you unmarked cups which you have to drink from and decide if it’s chocolate fondue or mud we found outside! It’s harder than you think! (please bring your own mud. One handful will do)

Only those who passed the blindfolded hike may come! 


Thursday February 2nd @ 12 p.m. in the Kenyon Cemetery: Groundhog Day Celebration! 

You’re in for a treat, rushes! We’re lucky enough to have a volunteer local gravedigger come and dig us a giant hole in the cemetery! To celebrate Groundhog Day all rushes will climb in the hole together and huddle together for 12 hours like groundhogs. After 12 hours you must come out and give us an accurate reading of tomorrow’s weather. Only those who predict correctly will be considered for the final event.

Invitation only. Those who do not fit in the hole are considered the weakest link and will be immediately eliminated.

Friday, February 3rd @ 5 a.m. in the alley behind the Village Inn: Body Combat

Exactly what it sounds like. You come, you fight, you might not come back. But if you win, you’ll become a member of the Kenyon Thrill, and what better glory is there in this strange thing we call life?

Invite only. Only the strongest of body and soul will make it. 



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