Inside the Artist

Inside the Artist

who is an artist and what is inside of them?

One of the most popular series here at the Thrill is our “Inside the Artist’s Sketchbook”  feature. We interview an artist and display their work as a way to shine a spotlight on some of Kenyon’s finest artists. But what happens if you ignore the sketchbook and focus on what’s actually inside the artist?

“Right here I’ve got a nice assortment of greens… I love green and I wish I was wearing it. This makes me want to create a green painting. A very large green painting.”

Hannah Johnston ’20

“Get fucking hungry!!!!”

Michael Audet ’20

“There’s only so much soy sauce and sriracha you can use. I call this my ‘Homage to carbs.'”

Emma Brown ’17

“This inspires me to create something better than what I see before me.”

Quinn Adam ’20

“This dish was inspired by my mom, who’s vegan. It doesn’t really make me want to create art, it just makes me sad. But this cereal bar is exploding with joy and makes me want to create a splatter painting!”

Emily Barton ’20

“This doesn’t inspire me. I just want to sleep. I wish I had a vegetable.”

Annika Ostrom ’20

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