Do It Today: Snowden’s Whiteness Group and Why You Should Go


This past week Juniper Cruz ’19, manager of the Snowden Multicultural Center began advertising a new group on campus she would be running called “whiteness group,” and urged people of all backgrounds to attend as a platform to discuss white privilege and how it affects not only Kenyon, but the larger community.  The first meeting last week was at 7 p.m. but was since moved to be every Tuesday at 4:10 p.m. in Snowden. (It should be noted that Snowden is now housed behind the bookstore. On some campus maps it still says it’s way the hell north by Bexley which is Very Wrong.) If you’re curious about Whiteness Group, here’s some information I got from Juniper about her thoughts and plans for the group:

1. What is whiteness group?

Whiteness group is a group that works to educate students on whiteness, what  it means to be white, and ways to deconstruct whiteness to work towards anti-racist actions.

2. Why did you decide to start this group?

I decided to start this group last semester when I got tired of white people who would post these very intellectual and passionate statuses on their social media accounts, but that’s as far as their activism went. I wanted to create something more sustainable at Kenyon. A more sustainable form of allyship.

3. Is this group for everyone?

Yes! I think whiteness studies is so fascinating and helpful for everyone to participate in.

4. Your first meeting was last week, how did it go? What’s the agenda of meetings

The first meeting turned out better than expected! We had about 40 people show up. And the meetings are discussion based, I’ll present topics to be discussed and we’ll go from there. I act more as the facilitator than a lecturer.

 5. What are your goals for the future of this group?

My goal, as I kind of mentioned earlier, is to create a sustainable form of activism that relies on community, education, and white people educating each other, while not relying on people of color to educate them.

10 responses

  1. Sorry i cannot join your group, having graduated (’77) and living as I do in NYC. I just finished : “The Hate U Give” by Angie Thomas which, although fiction, seemed truthful to me about the black experience today.

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  3. You people are absolutely nuts. Study the teachings of Martin Luther King. His vision was a world where color didn’t matter, not a world ruled by the accident of your color at birth.

    • I encourage you to read “Letter from a Birmingham Jail!” You’ll find that MLK was a bit more radical than you think!

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  5. If you’re not white, how are you going to tell white people “whats it means to be white”. Get out of here with this racist nazi crap.

  6. Every WHITE PARENT should SUE this RACIST COLLEGE that allows PRIVILEGED NON-WHITE KIDS openly profile and abuse their white kids.

    This Anti-white Racist college makes a whole lot of money off of the Rich Non-white kids who go there, lots of MONEY for white parents to take in court.

    White parents, shut this Racist college down. No, your white kids don’t have to take this Racist abuse and white kids have the same EQUAL PROTECTIONS under Federal Hate crime statues, as non-white kids. All you have to do WHITE PARENTS is SUE in large numbers and this Racist hate towards 18-year-old white kids stop.

    SUE the RICH PRIVILEGED NON-WHITE PARENTS. It starts with them.

  7. Seriously, white parents, some of these non-white kids come from very PRIVILEGE RICH NON-WHITE FAMILIES that have far more WEALTH & PRIVILEGE of majority American white families.

    Only PRIVILEGE whites have had for 240 years is doing the MAJORITY of bleeding and dying in U.S. wars to create this nation but 90% of all immigration in past 30 years have been non-white. Yet, none of these Racist non-white immigrants coming from non-white nations are lining up to have the privilege of bleeding & dying for this nation. They are only here to reap the benefits of white male sacrifice. Racist ingrates.

    82% to 85% of all DEAD & WOUNDED in Iraq and Afghanistan were WHITE MALES, 10% hispanic, 9% black, and clear at the bottom was 2.2% Asian.

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