Moderate Slang for Mod Growing Pangs


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There are the beauts.


Hello, it is I, the Modular Unit Goblin! And another week at Kenyon means another week of putting up with whatever absolute bullshit the administration is trying to tell us is good for Kenyon. But today I won’t be talking about that problem, I’ll be talking about our beloved library replacements, and their very fast delivery onto Ransom Lawn.

We know that these modular buildings will quickly integrate into Kenyon’s culture. So we here at The Thrill have come up with some modular unit slang we think will come out of these new buildings. And boy, I know I sure can’t wait to try out all these new phrases!

  • mod: (noun) as in, “Let’s try to get a mod for tonight” or (verb) as in “Wanna mod later?” Other synonyms include “ugly fucker.”
  • podding: (verb) similar to “mod” : “I’m podding rn if you wanna come.”
    • A hypothetical exchange between students: “Help. I’ve been in this mod all day.” / “You’ve been podding for that long? Which ugly fucker are you in?”
  • mod-pod: (noun) a fun name for a Library Replacement Modular Unit
  • mod-rod: (noun) when you have sex in a mod-pod
  • pod-god: (proper noun) the title for someone who clearly has domain over a mod-pod because they are always in that pod
  • modjuul: (noun) like when you juul it up in a mod haha sah dude vape-naysh, or, hot-boxing a pod
  • going poddy: (verb) when you have to go to the potty, in the pod (assuming they have bathrooms, which, there’s no guarantee)
  • mod-bod: (sad) when you feel sluggish, bloated, or otherwise hungover from spending way too long in the mods, to the point where your physical body has changed due to the environment
  • R.I.P. : Rest in Pod

Farewell Old Olin, fare thee well.

EDIT: There will be bathrooms in the pods!

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