Rejected Thrill Pitches

We at the Thrill strive to bring humor into this forsaken world day after day. We search the inner most corners of our minds, depths of our souls and the bowels of our bowels for the content that you love so dearly. Although sometimes, we may stop short, go too far or just completely miss the mark in our creative process. Here are some pitches we didn’t quite think through…pitcher

  1. Where’s it at” becomes fully CGIed
  2. The Thrill staff runs for local office
  3.  The Thrill staff gets an exorcism
  4. Pete Davidson content
  5. We domesticate a raccoon
  6.  Kenyon students as types of glue– tag yourself!
  7. Live Blog our post Peirce coffee shits
  8. 10 o’clock list: insecurities
  9. We remove the nude sculptures on campus and replace them with our own nude bodies
  10. Day in the Life: the inner thigh of a fraternity brother post branding

Then again, maybe some of these should be done…

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