Look at These Googlies!

Someone is putting googly eyes all over campus! Who is this begoogling culprit? Anyone with information regarding the Serial Googler should contact the Kenyon Thrill or apprehend them yourself. We are unsure whether this is a group google or an individual effort but the more I look around campus, the more I find these little plastic eyeballs staring back at me! Happy finals week. The buildings of Kenyon are watching.

  • Top left: Woomoo and Goonder Studies. O’Connor House
  • Top middle: Weaver Wednesday’s Watching You. Weaver Cottage
  • Top right: IPHS? More like EYE-PHS!!! Timberlake House
  • Bottom left: AscenO HO. Ascension
  • Bottom right: Who is that girl I see? Peirce

The googs are watching! I’ll be keeping my own eyes peeled for more of these circular decorations.

P.s: If anyone has a pic of the trash can googlies, let me know! Those were the best ones.

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