Actually Yummy Peirce Hacks: Wiggins Street Mocha


So, most of us drink coffee. The sweet, sweet bitter drink that makes you work like something has grabbed hold of your mind and shoved it into a bucket of water and electrocuted it. Or maybe that’s just me. Anyway, being on this good Episcopalian campus, we must walk down Middle Path at least a billion times a day, and on this walk we must pass Wiggin Street Coffee.

Ah, Wiggin’s…the temptation is always there every time I walk by, and my wallet makes its presence just a bit more known in the back of my mind. I know I don’t have the money, or the time, to go inside or even look at the building, but sometimes the cravings win the battle of self control.

However, the game has changed. A good friend of mine, Ceci Rodriguez (’22), enlightened me one day when she said that there is a way to make the iconic Wiggin Street Mocha in the iconic (but usually not in a good way) Peirce servery. She requested that I give her credit for this idea, so here it is. I present to you the recipe for a Peirce Hall Mocha (aka Bootleg Wiggin Street Mocha), as created by Ceci:

  1. Grab a classic Red Peirce Cup™. This maximizes the amount of coffee you can get, instead of the tiny Peirce coffee cups that boldly assume that’s all you need.
  2. Fill sides with caramel and chocolate syrup using The Tilt™.
  3. Add hot coffee to dissolve sweeeeets. (Ceci’s words, not mine.)
  4. Next, put in your choice of cold item:
    1. Ice, if you want it iced.
    2. Ice cream, if you want it frozen.
  5. Finally, add whatever else you’d like: soy milk, rice milk, regular milk, iced coffee, cream, etc.

E N J O Y.

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