It Happened To Me: Thanksgiving Edition!

The Thrill staff all had great breaks, thanks for asking! Here are some of the highlights.

  • My permanent wire retainer broke and I had to pay $600 to get a new one. 
  • Two of my aunts spent 10 minutes arguing about whether I had gained or lost weight.
  • I spent an hour listening to my cousin pronounce Foucault like “Foul-cawlt.” 

  • A man next to me on the plane played the ukulele for three and a half hours straight and then threw up all over the seat and ground next to me as we deboarded.

Editor’s Note: Yikes.

  • My grandparents’ dog shit in my bed and no one told me before I tried to go to sleep.
  • I slipped back into my Midwestern roots.
  • My grandparent yelled at a kid and for selling hot chocolate on the street because he was “blocking foot traffic” and proceeded to film him while he packed up. The footage will be used as evidence for the police if the kid ever tries to set up there again. 
  • I had to explain to my dad that no one’s gender identity is spoon.
  • Someone on the subway gave me their phone and asked me to take a picture, when I pointed the camera at them they shook their head and said, “no, not me — her” then pointed to a random woman at the other end of the train car. 
  • My dog threw up in my room after I gave her Reese’s whipped cream.

Another Editor’s Note: Please take care of your dogs.

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