The Monday Catchup

Good evening folks and welcome to another week in the great city of Gambier! Another week has come and passed, and I can confidently say that I am a better person because of it! No, really, I have learned so much.

Maybe it was the revitalizing snowfall or simply just the fact that I finally feel adjusted to my classes (I’m starting to put names to faces with my peers rather than just referring to them as “jean jacket girl” or “the one who always talks”), but I feel very knowledgeable. And I would like to bestow some of that knowledge on all of you.

Things I learned this weekend:

  1. There was a 2007 reality show on CBS called Kid Nation, and all of the episodes are on Youtube. I was exposed to this epic saga by one of my best friends. She explained to me that in Kid Nation children ages 8-14 are left in a ghost town and told to build their own functioning society. It got cancelled after one season (probably due to the suspicions of child neglect). I wasn’t surprised. But the characters are a trip, so I enjoyed watching it and was a bit disappointed that there wasn’t a second season.
  2. Both of my parents went to Florida. They told me they were going to. I just forgot until they were actually there.
  3. First-year boys do own nice clothes. It’s not all just hoodies pulled over baseball hats, I realized as I watched a group of boys walk across the quad to the Delts’ invite-only steak dinner.

And now here are some things to look out for at Kenyon this week. Have a great one. May you live, learn, and enjoy at least one of these baller events.

Kenyon Review Reading by Michael Croley: Tuesday @ 4:30pm, Cheever Room in Finn House

Inclusive Pedagogy Lunch: Wednesday @ noon, Chadeayne Dining Room

Harry Potter Day: Thursday dinner, Peirce

Leonard Lounge Live: Friday, Doors @ 10:00pm, Show @ 10:30pm, North Leonard Lounge

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