Senior Expectations: Fandango


100 days until graduation did you say?! We sure did. The class of 2020 and our beloved faculty will be getting wasted together in a ritual known as Fandango that takes place in the Gund Commons Ballroom on Friday evening. What do we expect from this one of a kind evening? Let us tell you…

I’m expecting mac n’ cheese triangles and less falling that Soirée because Gund Commons is carpeted. I also want to take a picture with my Quest for Justice professor but that’s about where my intentions end.   -Sarah Hoffmann

I’m hoping that there’ll be enough alcohol so that I can get schwasted and muster up the courage to ask some poor professor to be my sugar daddy (my net worth is currently $0.97)!!   – Jane Griffin

I am sincerely hoping to bust some major moves on the dance floor with professors I know and love and maybe some that are total strangers. I will probably make a fool of myself in the process. I also want to take a specifically posed picture with my Quest for Justice professor. Sarah will also probably be in it.  -Lillian Fox Peckos

I’m honestly just trying to get some of the appetizers this time.  –Jane Zisman 

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