Where’s it At: 2020 Edition

Hey guys! It’s me! It’s me, ‘the thrill’ itself!

Do you guys remember we used to do that thing before the weekend called ‘where’s it at’? We showed you what was happening over the weekend, you checked it out (or didn’t, probably you didn’t, it was a lot of bizarre live performances). It was cool, right? Oh, we did have fun back in the day.

Have you missed that? Well, look no further! We’re the same old thrill, right, you guys? We’re Kenyon’s (and the world’s?) most reliable news source like we always have been! Silly old ‘pandemic’ can’t change that!

Haha so anyway, where’s it at??

Cinder Block

Okay. So that must have been a glitch. Where’s it AT??


Okay so the wall is filling but that’s okay. I’ll give this one more go. Where’s it AT???

Well. I guess that’s it. I rubbed the Thrill Lamp and this is all that came out. Join us next time for Where’s It At!!!

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