Jane Gets LOST: Season 1

Ah yes, here at the Thrill we’re all about topical, relatable content. That’s why I’m here to give you my honest review of a mystery-adventure serial television drama from 2004. Yep, you guessed it: we’re talking LOST! Whether or not you’ve seen Lost, or have any idea what it’s about, I urge you to read on. HowEVER, and this is your one warning, there are major spoilers ahead for Season 1. Is this show culturally relevant right now? No. But it has been living in my mind rent-free for the past three weeks, and I have some THINGS TO SAY about it. So without further ado, LET’S GET LOST BABY!!!

There’s not much to look forward to these days, and personally, I’ve been fighting off the ennui of my virtual senior year with the comfort of early 2000s television every night. My housemates and I watch at least 1, if not 2 or 3, episodes a night, and it’s pretty much always accompanied by either a mug full of ice cream or a Klondike bar. Routine is important to us.

Some things about me: I am notoriously terrible at following complex plot lines over a long period of time. I’m also quite the talker while watching TV. And I’m an easily confused person, in general. What happens when you mix these three ingredients together with six seasons of mystery? Let’s just say one of the rules in the Lost drinking game we created is “drink every time Jane complains about being confused.”

But let’s really dig into the show, shall we?!

The Premise

The premise of the show is fairly simple: a bunch of randos get stranded on an island when their plane crashes. Through flashbacks, we learn about each character’s background– the traumas that make them tick, the sources of their duende, the typical highs and lows. BUT! There’s a twist! The island is full of mystery. Are these survivors alone? What unseen, all-powerful creature lurks in the jungle? And what the heck is in ~the hatch~ ?!

High stakes! Mystery! Intrigue! 10/10

The Writing

Supposedly Lost is a very well-written show. And, sure, I guess. However, I will say, they are VERY withholding of information. The mystery creature? The growling monster thing in the jungle? Which I affectionately referred to as “the dinosaur” for over 20 episodes? I was imagining a true range of creatures. I floated the dinosaur concept (obviously) as well as a large lizard, an ogre, a dragon, and, among many others, Batman. These writers had the AUDACITY to string me along for an entire season, just to reveal this horrific monster to be a little cloud of SMOKE??? BRO.

But, they got me hooked. So I’ll give them that. 5/10

“I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Lost is the perfect show to binge-watch.”

–Teddy Fischer ’22

The Characters

Lost is a true ensemble show. So many personalities! My favorite character, by far, is John Locke (a not-so-subtle nod to the 17th century philosopher). In my ranking of all Lost characters on a scale of 1 to Hot, he is at the top. He’s a badass, okay? A lot of the other characters are pretty annoying, honestly. Jack and Kate (the “leads” I guess) are the worst though. A big L for the show, at least in my book, was the choice to kill off Boone. The average hotness of the cast decreased significantly with his departure. RIP Boone. We miss you. You had a dog name, and I guess your death gave you time to do Vampire Diaries or whatever, but you were still #gonetoosoon

Overall? 8/10

The Jeans

THE WORST THING ABOUT THIS SHOW IS THE LOW-WAISTED JEANS. I mean it’s truly unbelievable. Why did we, as a human culture, think these looked good and/or appropriate as a piece of attire? They barely cover the pubic region. They’re basically underwear that keep going.

Visually tragic. Ethically shameful. An atrocity to humanity. 0/10

“It’s just disturbing.”

— Katie Stevenson ’22


Lost is not the type of show I usually enjoy. But I need something to cling to right now. So I’m choosing to cling to this.

Only 5 seasons to go! Let’s gooooo!

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