Fandango? I Hardly Know Her

After microdosing champagne last Saturday night, Kenyon seniors awoke on Sunday feeling…..empty. Now that we had this incredible, once-in-a-lifetime virtual event, how could we go on? Our glow sticks stopped glowing, we ran out of bubble liquid, and we ate our 2 (two) Milanos. The party, it seems, was over. But fellas, just you wait for the next great event of the season: virtual Sendoff.

That’s right! Wondering what your $100 senior deposit is going to since only $2.50 went to champagne? Well, the Office of Student Engagement is positively thrilled to announce that for virtual Sendoff, they’ll be loading up those gift bags with 2 tabs of acid, a six-pack of Naturdays, and a whole lotta ketamine. You can relive all of your past Sendoffs all at once, this time in the comfort of your own 150 square foot room. Enjoy!

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