Thrill Forced to Confess Their Acceptable Birds

IMG_0318 (1)

Last weekend, our writer Tyler Raso put dozens of Thrill headlines into a bot, and then forced the bot, against its and our will, to generate content for us. Every day this week, one article on the site will be one of the prompts the bot generated. These are our stories.

For today’s bot article, we at the Thrill confess to you the shameful, the secret, the unspeakable that is our acceptable birds. We hope you enjoy.


V acceptable flock of birds

IMG_0312 (1).JPG

Look upon this acceptable bird!


We call that an UN-acceptable bird


BIIIIIG acceptable bird! (left)

IMG_0317 (1).JPG

Why settle for acceptable when you can be an exceptional bird?

IMG_0316 (2)

Let’s give these acceptable birds a hand!

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